10 Ideas I was Obsessed with in 2016

There are those fleeting memories and thoughts. Then there are those that entice you, capture you and even elude you – the elusion only adding to their charm.

Analyzing my thinking pattern, my journaling, my conversations, I seem to have been obsessively thinking, talking, writing about few ideas.

Here are those ideas:

  1. Obviously the first one is productivity – the idea to do more in less time (efficiency) and achieve more (impact).
  2. On gratitude journaling, the philosophy of contentment, tranquility, happiness, etc. Who is not enticed by these ideas, but differentiates this from my usual reminiscences is how I liked each of this with the concept of gratitude and gratitude journaling. I even started a blog – 1000gratitudes – to write, practice and share gratitude.
  3. On creativity – more particularly idea creation. Inspired by James Altucher’s ’10 ideas everyday‘ and Mark Levy’s Freewriting.
  4. On writing – this year I have thought and wrote about writing than about anything else. It has been therapeutic, and I use it as my thinking, ideating and problem solving tool. It does bring mental clarity. Of course, not to mention, it feeds content to my blog post (like this one).
  5. The science of habit creation has expanded and my obsession for routine building and habit formation needs little justification, I guess.
  6. Crossing the 30 years age mark, one cannot but help think about one’s overall physical and mental wellness – on yoga, eating, walking, meditation and other practices.
  7. On minimalism – fed by my idea on contentment, I have been experimenting on the concept of ‘letting go‘ (material and otherwise), acceptance, calmth, etc
  8. On success and more on failure, progress, growth, achievement. Took a lot of lessons from James Clear on this.
  9. On philosophy – especially Stoicism, inspired by Ryan Holiday, spirituality, enlightenment.
  10. On cognitive skills – thinking and learning skills. The inspiration started from Edward de Bono and continues with the likes of Scott Young, ideas on Visual Thinking, Mind mapping, etc.

Why am I sharing this?

“Your job is to get your audience care about your obsession.” – Martin Scorsese

I want to you to care, Martin Scorsese says it well. And if you share my obsession, we could discuss further.

The purpose? To spread this obsession and share profound ideas and insights to enrich ourselves.

For I care about your obsession.

2 thoughts on “10 Ideas I was Obsessed with in 2016

  1. Anoop says:

    productivity, habit creation, minimalism, contentment – few of my obsessions I see here on your list Sathya! Add ‘reading’ to it and want to add ‘writing’ to it for the coming year 🙂

    • sathyavision2020@gmail.com says:

      Yes. Writing definitely on the list, Anoop!
      Coming to think about it, it would be interesting to create list of obsessions for the 2017 🙂
      No more resolutions, but obsessions.

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