Why I’m Obsessed with Publishing 100 Blog Posts by December

It’s the difference between a craftsman and an amateur.


I’m planning to publish at least 100 posts by end of December 2016.

Yes. That’s my little plan to conquer the blogging world.

This is my 91st post.


Quantity, I learnt is more important than quality. This is the secret successful people don’t talk about.

Ira Glass shares it.

Yes, I am letting go off the need for perfection… temporarily. And yes, clearly not all my posts are best of its quality.

This is the difference between the craftsman and amateur. Craftsman has both taste and skill; amateur has only taste.

The Process…

The best way for an amateur to become a craftsman is to produce loads of work, without worrying about quality. It is in this process of grinding, one learns to grow and refine the skill.

Then one fine day, when I wake up I want to call myself a ‘craftsman’.

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