11 Lessons from Publishing 100 posts by 2016

I’m not good. That good at all.

I hated it. I hated every minute of it.

Writing. Writing a post. Publish 100 posts by the end of 2016.

No one asked me. No one challenged me to do it. It was a personal, an artificial commitment. A promise I felt worth keeping. Here are 11 lessons I learnt in the process.

  1. First, the most obvious one. I was appreciated. At least I felt appreciated. ‘That’s some serious hardworking!’ a friend said; ‘I like your consistency,’ another one told me.
  2. I got to exercise my writing skills. Not sure whether my writing improved – but I do ‘feel’ I’m a better writer than say 6 months before.
  3. My fear of writing – publishing – putting my work before an audience has quite not left, but I’m coping up. I did harbour a fear to come up with a topic and write about it. There still is resistance to create – but slowly it is giving away to create and do more. But it is slowly reducing or brought under control.
  4. The muscle memory for writing, typing, creating – has sort of strengthened. And the discipline to create and ship started working.
  5. I feel accomplished. Of all the goals I set for year 2016, I am proud about publishing 100 posts. It does give me a confidence boost – which I badly need.
  6. It created an opportunity for me to expand myself – to read more, to research more. To write, I need to read and am reading a lot more.
  7. I learnt about goal-setting, breaking it into sub-goals, as monthly, weekly targets and tenacity to work upon it. Not that these were difficult concepts to practice, but I got the chance to practice for a personal project fo mine. And it indeed feels gratifying.
  8. Technically, I learnt, though quite not mastered on use of WordPress and website management.
  9. It lead to other side projects like GetRevue Newsletter, online course exploration and other web development projects.
  10. I feel happy to inspire others – through my writing, with my act of writing and through my consistency.
  11. It was an exercise in creativity and focus and perseverance. Some have games, puzzles. I got my blog.

To paraphrase Mohammed Ali to my own context, ‘I hated every minute of writing.’ But I refused to quit. Not that I’m a champion now. But I’m trying.

So what is that one thing you hate, but you need to do it and read to suffer for.

Make this the year to practice it. All the best!

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