11 Reasons Why I Still Rely Upon a Catch-All List

More than once, I’ve reverted back to using a catch-all list as my basic productivity system. Besides offering a foundation for any other productivity technique I experiment with, the humble, yet simple catch-all list had proven its mettle and gained my trust.


Photo: My Catch-all List

  1. The catch-all list makes me feel that I’m not missing anything and that I’m able to capture everything I can do within the limits and resources that I have.

  2. Helps me capture my ideas which could’ve been otherwise lost. Remember what David Allen said. Brain-David Allen

  3. Helps me to intuitively break my huge projects into sizeable small chunks of work.

  4. I’m able to track things that I can did and see my accomplishments

  5. Helps me move from one task to the another – helps me see variety of tasks which gives me variety to work

  6. I can practice the ‘Little & Often’ principle in a great way.

  7. I get to do a big project in these 15 minutes sprint or productivity dash which would’ve been otherwise not possible

  8. I gain momentum in multiple projects and do something, anything and keeps the work flowing.

  9. I can work on multiple projects simultaneously without feeling tired and juggling happens so naturally

  10. Completing and crossing a task of the list is productivity’s ultimate ecstasy

  11. Re-entering a task allows partial completion. It is the best trick which helped my productivity than anything else.

Don’t take it from me, but experiment for yourself now by creating list of things (a master to-do list) – a task per line in your notebook. Don’t bother yourself how you can to do it, but just trust yourself and system to capturing everything (tasks, projects, ideas, questions, insights, anything) on the list.

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