The Most Underrated Trick to Make Your Day Productive

Have you ever been inundated with a series of tasks and action items that you almost felt clueless about where to begin? Do you feel disoriented about keeping track of what you need to do and when to do it? After an exhausting day, do you still feel that you never got around doing the […]

10 Ways on How I am Saving the Earth? And Why You should do too

Somewhere down the line, I got a feeling that I was getting caught up with this illusion. The illusion to achieve more, wanting more and spending more. I realized that I started focusing more on success, money and/or reward, rather than on values and relationships. I almost scared myself doing it. More importantly in the […]

When in doubt: Persist

It is okay you let Resistance take hold of you today. But fight back, fight hard. Don’t give in, don’t slag. It has a cycle. You start great with all your might and enthusiasm of the heart in the initial phase. Slowly it fades. And resistance creeps it and will hit you when you are […]

The 1-step guide to greatness: Choose pain

The dedication to greatness doesn’t come because of the joy the achievement gives. It (joy/ happiness) is only an aftereffect. But it is your ability to bear the pain and misery of work – is what brings greatness. Yes! You should learn to love the pain – to love the misery. For it is in that […]

The ‘Happily Everafter’ Lie

They have been lying to you – yes, there is no such happy ending or not even a happy beginning. It is just pain, just suffering. But success is just that – the ability to bear the pain, the torture and the disappointment. You need to bear it or you just got to stay with […]