The 3-Minutes Exercises: To Start & End Your Day

It has been quite a difficult task for me to find an appropriate way to start and end the day. I have been learning about these suggestions to write in the Journal immediately upon waking and before going to sleep. Those two times of the day are considered ideal to begin and end the day well.  […]

Think You’re Cut Out for Receiving Success? Read This

‘I need your input, Sathya!’ he said when inviting me over for a coffee. He wanted to discuss his new business idea and apparently to get my wisdom. I did feel empathetic about his enthusiasm as well as anxiety over starting a start-up. I have been there. While he did entertain few of my ideas […]

What Faith can do!

Faith can take you places that only imagination can limit. Remember to believe in yourself. Entrust your faith in the universal truth that we are born out of. For it shall help us evolve. To help humankind reach the pinnacle of its evolution. It is not far away. Look at the best in the world and […]

Why Your To-Do List Is Not Working? And 12 Hidden Principles to Make it Work

Not quite long ago, I simply kept ‘Writing for blog’ on my to-do list for some time. I kept on migrating it from my daily to-do list day after the other. It went to the point that I started feeling guilty about keeping it on my to-do list. I said to myself, ‘You know what, […]