Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Life is a physical manifestation of our psychological being. The reality is about how we react and respond to what happens to us than what happens to us. This ability to respond is one of the unique human qualities. It might be the only thing we are capable of. This ability to control our thoughts can determine our […]

Forgive Yourself of Your Past

Learn to forgive yourself and forget your mistakes. It is not almost every other day you get time to think, think about yourself, your life. Especially about those thoughts you think you cannot escape from at all. Our pasts remind us not so better us. We never realised we were capable of such untold wrong […]

Why You Should Start Writing, Even If You are Not a Writer

Participants in the ‘Write Around Portland’ sit around in circle with a pen and pad. A facilitator begins the session by offering a couple of prompts. The participants are usually “people living with HIV/AIDS, veterans, survivors of domestic violence, adults and youth in addiction recovery, low income seniors, people in prison, homeless youth and others.” […]