Book Summary: The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino

With taking up the challenge of reading one book one time, I am currently read ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’ by Og Mandino. Don’t let the name of the book or the author fool you. It is a classic. Now I have done reading with it, I also took quotes, aphorisms, stories that inspired […]

Let’s Flex: Yoga for the Commons

How I started practicing Yoga? I wanted relief and stress relief, a route for relaxation and a practice for keeping my optimally healthy. I did not want to build or tone muscles but keep my system running clean and neat. I basically need a regular maintenance process and servicing process just like car servicing. However […]

My Little Experiment in ‘Saying No!’

With enough said of non-possession, and sporadic enlightenment on the evils of wanting and consumerism, I have been trying a minimalistic approach in my life lately. I started this experiment in reducing or saying ‘no’ to things I feel over-indulgent. Some 2 months before, I got back this decluttering my wardrobe opportunity. There is an […]

Curd Making and the Idea of Incarnation

Here is an interesting idea: It has been a common practice among our households to ferment curd, from taking the curd before, which had the essence of curd before that had its essence of the one before that and so forth. If we are consider this thought, the curd today must and should have the […]