Implementation Intention: An Easier Way to Tackle Obstacles

There could be two ways to do it – a task, a project, a goal. One way is to take the Stoic, hard-knuckled approach – hard skinning oneself, to cultivate the capacity to withheld oneself in any weather is one way. However there is another way . The idea is to trick our mind to […]

The Obstacle is the Way

In the winters of 1944, at height of World War II, Hitler ordered a massive attack on the Russian capital, Moscow. Instead of fighting the Nazis head on the Russians simply let the winter defeat the army. The Russians ordered massive evacuation of the Moscow. The winter took its toll and whatever army that arrived […]

On Sex, Drugs and Alcohol: Why Enlightenment is Sexier Than Sex!

The most googled person in India is Sunny Leone. Modi ranked second only after her. For me this is rather unsurprising. That said this post may be one of the most controversial topics that I have ever written. So bear with me! There are increasing evidences of the current society’s sexual indulgences – raising porn […]

To Eat the Frog or the Elephant? Nay, Eat the Candy!

In productivity hacks, two common metaphors are use – Eat the frog and Eat the Elephant. To be honest, I prefer to Eat the Candy! Made popular by Brian Tracy in his book, ‘Eat the Frog’ – it talks about doing the most ugliest, dirtiest, intimidating task first thing in the morning. If you get to […]