Travel: An Unsual Way to Learn Tolerance and Acceptance

There has been recent discussions on tolerance in India. A friend of mine was quoting an interesting observation. If you are in Russia, you feel happy seeing a Sardarji, because he is Indian, a known animal or face. On the other hand, as a Hindu, you will realize the magnitude of discrimination when are walking […]

Life Is Like Driving In The Chennai Traffic

I usually take the same road to and fro to my office. Around 6 km. I have to drive through the maze of busy traffic during the rush hour. I get stalled at traffic signals or unexpected jams. It can take just 15 minutes or extend to 30 minutes. It is not the distance or […]

No-Goals, Conscious Awareness, Osho and Eckhart Tolle

What is that I am trying to achieve? I am trying to be happy, not to be disturbed, to be worried, to be secure and living my own life It seems there is a trap of planning – where you draft grandiose plans but you end up doing nothing at all. It is the journey […]

Getting Things Done — Especially, When You Don’t Want It To Get Done

One of the major obstacles I face in improving my productivity is to find my sweet spot – the interjection of time (urgent v/s important), space (context) and psychological readiness to do the task. However, I have to face this paradox of productivity that one can improve and be more productivity when one is not […]

Of course, I Talk to Myself!

I read the quote above somewhere and it stuck to me. Clearly one of the best people to take advice from is ourselves – which we may seldom avoid. Most of you by now must have known I extensively use ‘Freewriting‘ as a medium to ideate, think and even find it therapeutic. With the quote […]