Indexing Your Notebook: A Quick Hack for Quick Recovery

I’ve always been a fan of using a notebook as a personal management tool (for tasks/ projects, work/personal, review, etc). Though I’ve been experimenting with quite a lot of digital applications, I find myself coming back to my notebook. My precious: A compact ruled notebook for everything  The Power of a Notebook I found that […]

Positive Distraction

I have a 9-month old girl. If you were a parent, you would know how difficult it is to keep a child engaged and entertained. Recently, I had a long weekend holiday.  And I had more than my fair share of time to spend with my little girl. It must’ve been a relief to my […]

Mark Forster’s Final Version (FV) System – Visual Notes

Most of the productivity systems, though intended honestly, fails in execution. The system should ideally play to strength of the user and complement his/ her weakness. For me, planning was my strength, while engaging and execution was the problem. It doesn’t mean I don’t do things. But I find my resistance growing while I move […]

Made to Stick – Teaching That Sticks: Visual Notes

“So a friend of a friend of ours, who’s a frequent business traveler, was returning recently from a meeting with clients, and he stopped into the airport bar. What happened next surprised him: An attractive woman approached him and offered to buy him a drink. He said sure. She returned with two drinks, he took a sip of […]

9 Things: A Mere Mortal’s Attempt to Let Go

It seems wise to let go off things than to hold on. Interestingly, I find it’s not that hard. May be I was prepared of this. But I am not perfect. I have not attained the elusive detachment. I am still human, mortal. It is hard at times. I couldn’t help it. I even feel […]