A Simple and Powerful Technique For Stree-Free Productivity

The Growing Tail of To-do List To-do list has been the hallmark trick of the productivity philosophy around the globe. If you’re like me, you must be making list of things to remember and to get things done. But it’s not uncommon for you to find the list dangerously growing and you find yourself dismayed […]

You Can Conquer The World: One List At A Time

It’s part of my evil plan. To conquer the world and ultimate world domination. I make lists. Of everything!   When The Going Gets Tough… Make a list. Richard Bronson swears his success by it. Tim, Oliver, James, Ryan make lists. Paula Rizzo calls it – Listful Thinking. I do too.   So Why Make […]

Epicurean Way of Living

James Altucher writes about his goals in life: My only Goals in life: A. I want to be happy B. I want to eradicate unhappiness in my life C. I want everyday to be as smooth as possible. No hassles. That’s it. I’m not asking much. I need simple goals, else I can’t achieve them. […]

10 Kinds of Writing – James Greig: Visual Notes

“Writing is a chance to reverse the direction of the flow, to bring clarity to your thoughts by laying them out in some kind of logical sequence, to create output.” Thus writes James Greig. To Heal. To Ideate. To Think. Writing helped me with it. It has been my quintessential routine that kept my sanity alive. […]