5 Minutes To Find Your Life Purpose

‘You must be joking,’ my friend, Vimal said. He couldn’t believe it. 5 minutes. To find one’s life purpose To articulate one’s life meaning To make sense of one’s existence Neither did I. Until… That Moment When You Ask Yourself… Why? Everyone comes across it. That moment when you ask yourself… ‘Why?’ Why am I […]

I Hate Habits. But 10 Routines Got Stuck

The productivity world is full of people asking us to develop habits (tiny, mini, etc). I’m not a habit person. I tried. It’s hard. I hate sticking to habits. A particular set of behavior. I feel confined. I don’t want to be predictable. Even to myself. Rarely you can stick to habits, which you don’t like. Don’t […]

Shyness My Shield

The Art of Turning Weakness into Strength In his autobiography ‘My Experiments with Truth’, Gandhi writes about ‘shyness’ being his biggest weakness in the beginning of his political career. It made him stumble and stutter speaking at a public forum. A self-professed introvert, he writes how he found it rather difficult to communicate his ideas, thoughts […]

3 Geared Productivity System

If you’d known me for sometimes, you know that I’ve been trying to hack my productivity. I’ve seriously contesting myself to improve upon my efficiency at work and my personal endeavors. Studying David Allen’s GTD, Mark Forster’s TM systems, Bullet Journal to the recent suggestions by Kevin Kruse’s Calendar-based system, Peter Bregman’s 18 minutes tool, […]

15 Inspirations from Indian History and Culture That I’d Like to Read

King Dasaratha summoned Rama, “Tomorrow is your coronation as king!” he said. Neither pleasured nor pained – ‘duty’ considered Rama. The verdict of the courtroom was over-ruled by the verdict of the bedroom. Kaikeyi, the step-mother of Rama and mother of ‘Bharatha’ changed the King’s mind. Rama was sentenced to 14 years of vanavasa. He […]