8 Things I learnt from 10 Days of Gratitude Journaling

So you know I am big on gratitude journaling. I even started a blog to count my blessings (literally) – 1000gratitudes. One of the best formats that I found was the Five Minute Journal. Tim Ferriss says the 5 minute daily exercise revolutionized his morning routine. The Five Minute Journal is one of the simplest ways […]


Inspired by Chris Winfield and Paul Klipp, I started practicing Pomodoro Technique. It’s all about one think – taking a pause. I feel that the most important period at work is the gap between two tasks. It is during that gap between the tasks where you decide on what you want to do next. A […]

Writing Can Find You Better Jobs – And Other Benefits

I read this somewhere.   What is art? It is taking one’s deepest sorrows, the fears, frustrations and making it visible for the world to see – or bringing it alive to the world to see –   letting it manifest in the physical world. For me writing is the art. It helps me manifest […]

Life is Full of Unexpected Surprises

I was searching for an inspiration. An inspiration to make a list. As you must already know, I am obsessed with list making. So when I don’t come up with an idea to make a list, I become anxious. But I got help. When I googled for ‘list making ideas’, I got this. List Love: 101 […]

New Ebook: On Writing, Productivity and Ideation

Seth Godin said, ‘The only book that is going to change your life is the book you write.’ Here is my humble attempt at changing my life. My tiny attempt in publishing my ebook. Download your free copy of On Writing Productivity and Ideation here.