Seneca on Secret to True Happiness

It’s very rarely you come across a philosopher whose words of wisdom are practical and actionable. Lucius Annaeus Seneca is one such great writer who cares for the mortal man and his actions. I have been reading ‘Light from Many Lamps’ by Lillian Eichler Watson. Seneca was one of the first persons I thought I […]

11 Reasons Why I Still Rely Upon a Catch-All List

More than once, I’ve reverted back to using a catch-all list as my basic productivity system. Besides offering a foundation for any other productivity technique I experiment with, the humble, yet simple catch-all list had proven its mettle and gained my trust. Photo: My Catch-all List The catch-all list makes me feel that I’m not […]

Task Engagement List: Re-defining a To-do list 

The To-do list is getting bad reviews, these days. It’s pushed into the bad pages of everyone’s productivity history. I think the problem is not with the humble to-do list, but the way we use it. I suggest re-defining our To-Do list as Task Engagement List. Misuse and Abuse of To-do list Currently to-do lists […]