From Vision to Goals to MicroTasks

We were having an intense discussion. Talking about the next Indian Education Reform cannot be less than that. That’s when Priya said, ‘What is a long-term vision, but a series of short-term goals?’ We dismissed her statement then. Vision cannot be simple as that, we thought and moved on. So did Priya – neither did […]

The Gap

Smile, breath and go slowly.” – Thich Naht Hanh, Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk I have written earlier about the idea of pause. Taking a moment to breathe, for four seconds if the least. There is increasing evidence mounting that is supporting that the breaks are indeed crucial for our productivity. May be that is the reason. […]

Rephrasing a to-do list as completed

It is a neat idea. To rephrase a task as completed to help build clarity on what we want to do and achieve. The traditional method of writing a task is to write as if you are going to do. What I am suggesting is that you re-write it as if you have already completed. […]