Mukti: Sole Purpose of Human Existence

It is the sole purpose of human existence to achieve Mukti. The idea that man had to evolve to next greater being has been part of the Indian psyche for many centuries. Sadhguru talks about the evolved personality – called Shiva – who taught the secret to attaining Mukti to the 7 disciples whom were […]

Followership: The Other Side of Leadership

These days we have increased interest in Leadership and its development. Almost every organization wants to improve and nurture this capability within its participants. I believe that there is a more practical truth in the other way around. We can call this idea – ‘Followership’. A Leader Without Followers We demand initiative, responsibility from almost […]

Dreams, Doubts and Karma

This post is inspired by a note to myself I wrote some months before – to be exact 23/04/2015. Please don’t mind the rambling of my self-conversation, but cherish the message in the same. Happy reading! What Dreams May Come! There is this inner drive, an inner emotion that I am able to easily connect […]

I Got 890+ ideas Using This Trick. And You Too Can!

No, I’m not an idea machine. Neither am I a creative genius. I did amaze myself when I did a count of ideas I have. 890 on 89 different topics, including this article. 10 Ideas Everyday and A Humble Beginning I learnt about this neat trick from Chris Winfield on ‘How (and Why) to Generate […]

4D: An Interesting and Effective Way to Process Tasks

I have not been keen on task prioritization, taking inspiration from Mark Forster. But after reading Kevin Kruse, I started like how to process a task before even going on forward to do it. Though Kruse recommends it for e-mail processing, it could well be applied for task processing as well. Delete it If you […]