10 Ideas I was Obsessed with in 2016

There are those fleeting memories and thoughts. Then there are those that entice you, capture you and even elude you – the elusion only adding to their charm. Analyzing my thinking pattern, my journaling, my conversations, I seem to have been obsessively thinking, talking, writing about few ideas. Here are those ideas: Obviously the first […]

My Inconsistencies: An End-of-the-Year Exercise for 2016

I am at contradiction. I was trying to edit and publish my older drafts for a new blog post. I simply found I couldn’t quite relate, or even agree to what I have written. My perception on the concept has changed. evolved. I decided to write this. Gandhi has this to say of his slow, […]

16 Reasons Why a No-List System Could be The Next Big Thing

I have been a fan of to-do lists and list making in general. From David Allen to Mark Forster, Productivity gurus glorify it’s effectiveness and ease of use. To talk about it, there are generally 3 kinds of list-making usage. Working with no list at all. Mind it most get away with not using a […]