11 Lessons from Publishing 100 posts by 2016

I’m not good. That good at all. I hated it. I hated every minute of it. Writing. Writing a post. Publish 100 posts by the end of 2016. No one asked me. No one challenged me to do it. It was a personal, an artificial commitment. A promise I felt worth keeping. Here are 11 lessons I […]

Four Alternatives to a ‘To-do list’

No list. This could be a blunt alternative but be mindful that most of the people in this world get by using no list at all. You decide in the moment what needs to be done and get down to doing it. I did list: Also known as I done list or Anti to-do list (a […]

10 Things I’m Grateful for in 2016

I have figured out the easiest way to attain englightenment. A simple way to be happy. A cooler path to be joyful. And in fact, a scientific way to create peace. It is to be grateful. To be grateful for the experience that life takes me through… To appreciate what has offered you. But what […]

Momentum – The Most Dangerous Thing

Steven Pressfield, author of the inspirational book ‘The War of Art’ (download the free pdf here) tells about how he wrote his first novel. He locked himself away for a year and worked day in and day out – until he finished it. When he told his mentor, he finished the novel, mentor replied: ‘Start […]