Happily Ignorant

‘That one,’ he said. ‘The house of the former politician,’ the auto-driver told me. ‘Hmm…,’ I said uninterestingly. ‘Don’t you know!’ without stopping, ‘He is the one who caught for that case…’ he told me. ‘Oh, I didn’t know…’ I continued with my non-enthusiasm. Now annoyed, he replied, ‘Don’t you ever watch news at all, […]

Heaven. A Night With the Most Beautiful Girl in the World

‘Heaven. It was.’ I told my friend. He knew it. My work keeps me busy – at office and at home. My family doesn’t take that nicely. The uneventful travel plans add to their misery. So most of the time, my daughter doesn’t get to sleep with us. She usually sleeps in the ‘thottil’ with […]

Bad Things: How You Benefit From It?

In the great Indian epic, Ramayana,¬†a story about the great King Dasaratha, the father of the Lord Rama. One day, the young king Dasaratha was on his hunting trip. He heard a sound in the bush near the river. Assuming it was an animal that came to drink water he launched his arrow.¬†Suddenly he heard […]