I Got 890+ ideas Using This Trick. And You Too Can!

No, I’m not an idea machine. Neither am I a creative genius.

I did amaze myself when I did a count of ideas I have.

890 on 89 different topics, including this article.

10 Ideas Everyday and A Humble Beginning

I learnt about this neat trick from Chris Winfield on ‘How (and Why) to Generate 10 Ideas Everyday‘. The post led me read about this crazy writer-cum-investor-cum-self-help-guru James Altucher. He was a life-saver.

Inspired by James Altucher, I took on the practice of making ‘writing 10 ideas‘ every day a habit. It’s really hard for me to stick to a routine, let alone sticking to it make a consistent habit. But I tried in my own little way.

It all started with a humble beginning. I was reluctant to just write 10 ideas, on anything and everything. There was not a system to it, no schema. More so, I had trouble getting started with a habit, let alone sticking with it.

To start small, I started writing 10 ideas in my notebook. Realizing a spur of momentum, I copied those ideas unto a word doc, aptly titled ’10 ideas collation’.

Yes, I did have my fall-offs. It wasn’t a smooth journey.

I returned back using a pen and note. Even dedicated a section of a notebook to note ideas. Now I have a separate note for writing my ideas.

And that journey, at the end of 2016, has ended up with me being proud of generating 890+ ideas.

But why generate such ideas? Did you do you any good?

I could hear you asking those questions. Read further.

10 Reasons Why I Write 10 Ideas Everyday

  1. To increase my creativity. I did feel its need. For not of finding any other easier way to be creative, I started using this trick. I am not sure it increased my creativity or not – only a more deeper observation and tracking would help. But I generally feel good about it.
  2. As an exercise for my ‘idea muscle’. To maintain my brain’s health has been one of my important priorities. I said ‘no’ to quite a lot of things just to save me my mind space and mental bandwidth.
  3. To get rich. What if, I stuck a billion dollar idea!? I don’t mind becoming a billionaire, but why risk it. The best way to come with a great idea is to come up with 100 different crappy ideas. So, technically I’m 890+ crappy ideas towards finding my great billion dollar idea.
  4. To ‘feel’ creative. One thing is to be creative, another is to actually feel creative. I needed both. Given me routine work, I feel I need a creative outlet. I don’t read or write stories, but writing 10 ideas gave me the intellectual freedom to be creative.
  5. To feel accomplished. I’m following this as a religious routine and I love doing though I miss it once in awhile. Ironically, this creative exercise makes me feel that I’m having routine in my life.
  6. To keep my brain active. refer point 2.
  7. To prove to myself that I can come up with ideas. I had deep self-confidence issues and still have some. I’m slowly yet steadily winning over the resistance to generate an idea. I told my other day, give me a problem, I’m sure I’ll come up with 10 ideas to solve it. Whether the ideas are great is another question, but my confidence to declare I can a solve a problem is something I’m taking pride in myself.
  8. I like making lists. And this is a neat list, isn’t it?
  9. Like to call myself an ‘idea guy‘. A thought leader? An idea entrepreneur? I guess this is my effort in moving towards it.
  10. And last but not least, the practice gives me ideas and content for my blog post. Like this one.

It’s Your Turn Now

I have my reasons. And you could have yours.

Whatever it might be, I suggest you to get into the practice of writing 10 ideas everyday. If not for any utilitarian benefit, I suggest you to do it at least for your amusement.

Let me know how did it go! Comment below!

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