What Everybody Ought to Know About being Dutiful

You got to own it – whatever you do, wherever you do – own it.

It’s your job, it’s your work – whether you like it or not. No one cares.

There must be a reason – you may not get it now – but trust me just give your best shot.

I call it being ‘Dutiful’!

No, it is not preparing for something better. Consider yourself lucky to have had this job. And with that mindset get yourself dirty – do your job at hand and just forget the rest.

You will get paid as you deserve.

Go. Give your best now.

One thought on “What Everybody Ought to Know About being Dutiful

  1. […] actively procrastinate while simultaneously being stressed out about having time to do things. The doing the work becomes less important than not doing the work. Somewhere along the line, you’ve learnt that […]

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