What Are Your Big Rocks?

“My priorities are God, family and the Green Bay Packers in that order.’

Vince Lombardi, Former NFL Coach

If you’ve been using to-do list, you’ll realize that most of the work is repetitive. There will 3-5 areas in one’s life that keeps repeating itself. It may take us ages to find that particular area in life, but once decided it is about doing strong grunt work in that.

Vince Lombardi calls it his priorities. Kevin Kruse and Leo Babauta calls it MIT. Peter Bergman calls it Focus areas. Some call it HIT. It’s a brilliant way to bring in focus in life. Dr.Stephen R.Covey call it big rocks.

Taking inspiration from Vince and Dr.Covey, here are my priorities

  1. Spirituality
  2. Family
  3. Writing
  4. Education

I like the way how Kevin makes the connection between the Big picture – Daily tasks in this article. The only question we need to ask ‘Does this task, however small it might be, contributes to my ‘priority’?

Decide upon your priority.

Everything. Every task. If given an option see whether it would be relevant to my priority areas.

The difficulty is not in knowing when to say ‘yes’, but it is about deciding when to say ‘no’.

Now decide. What are your Big Rocks?

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