Excuses Begone by Dr.Wayne W.Dyer

In his book, ‘Excuses Begone’, Wayne Dyer offers definition of an excuse and lists possible side-effects of an ‘excusing mindset’. He further details how to get ourselves out of it and be all we can be!

You can download the book here: Excuses Begone by Wayne Dyer

Excuses Begone

What are Excuses?

Excuses are self-limiting beliefs that we have within ourselves. These excuses give us a reason not to accomplish and get what we truly want in our lives. But Wayne Dyer’s suggestion is that ‘these excuses (even if it is genetic) are changeable. You can change your thoughts – you can change your self-limiting beliefs and habits – You can change your life’.

We are after all, manifestation of God himself- we in fact have a birth right to success and happiness – to get what we want in our lives – only thing that is holding us from getting it is our – excuses – our self-limiting beliefs.

Excuses Begone

Wayne Dyer gives us following steps to overcome those Excuses and strive towards success and happiness.

  1. First Dyer shares a list of top 18 excuses commonly used.
  2. Then, he examines why we give those excuses because we dont want to sweat it..
  3. He then gives us a simple exercise – that is really good. Think of this ‘What would my life be, look like… if I could not use those excuses?’ This simple thought liberates us from the self-limiting beliefs and makes us wanna act. This is what Dyer calls it as ‘Excuses Begone’ paradigm…
  4. Finally the time to change – working on our ‘Excuses begone’ paradigm to work out a better life for ourselves..

So let us let go of our excuses and do more of what we are truly capable of.. Excuses Begone!