How Millionaire’s Schedule their Day: 1-Page Planner from Brendon Burchard

I recently learnt about this amazing 1-page Planner from Brendon Burchard.

An internet celebrity, youtube coach, Brendon, as part of his mission for facilitating ‘High Performance’ also talks about productivity. You can download the 1-page template here.

I tried it out. Here are the results.

  1. The Daily List (Priorities) ensures focus
  2. Categorizing work under ‘3 Projects‘ applies the divide and conquer rule very efficiently. [The other productivity guru, who recommends such categorization is Peter Bregman in his 6 boxes to-do list].
  3. Separating calls/ emails under an exclusive task box (People) to reach out to and waiting from ensures great way of tracking. This works especially when one is on ‘Manager’s Schedule’. One it doesn’t get mixed with ‘tasks’.
  4. Writing one’s big goals under Projects facilitates goal-based/ outcome-based thinking

However, there are few drawbacks.

  1. I still need a master list (uncategorized) to capture not only tasks, but also ideas, random stuff that I may want to think later
  2. I need a separate list for Habits/ Routines – I prefer avoiding in my ‘priorities’ list
  3. Re-writing my 3 Projects and its Goals every day seems useless and it leaves too little space for me to work around on an ‘1-page planner.
  4. It seems to focus too much on a ‘Manager’s Schedule’ than on ‘Maker’s Schedule’

Before you take my word for it. Try it out. You may get a couple of inspiring ideas to model your 1-page planner.

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