Sustainable Productivity: Analogy from Energy Sector

If you’ve been reading my blog, you must now understood that I’m obsessed, or may be simply curious, about the idea of productivity. I’m inventing a concept here: Sustainable productivity – not in it’s generic definition, but particularly in the field of personal management. It is something in my mind and that is keeping coming often. […]

Mukti: Sole Purpose of Human Existence

It is the sole purpose of human existence to achieve Mukti. The idea that man had to evolve to next greater being has been part of the Indian psyche for many centuries. Sadhguru talks about the evolved personality – called Shiva – who taught the secret to attaining Mukti to the 7 disciples whom were […]

Dreams, Doubts and Karma

This post is inspired by a note to myself I wrote some months before – to be exact 23/04/2015. Please don’t mind the rambling of my self-conversation, but cherish the message in the same. Happy reading! What Dreams May Come! There is this inner drive, an inner emotion that I am able to easily connect […]

My Inconsistencies: An End-of-the-Year Exercise for 2016

I am at contradiction. I was trying to edit and publish my older drafts for a new blog post. I simply found I couldn’t quite relate, or even agree to what I have written. My perception on the concept has changed. evolved. I decided to write this. Gandhi has this to say of his slow, […]

From Vision to Goals to MicroTasks

We were having an intense discussion. Talking about the next Indian Education Reform cannot be less than that. That’s when Priya said, ‘What is a long-term vision, but a series of short-term goals?’ We dismissed her statement then. Vision cannot be simple as that, we thought and moved on. So did Priya – neither did […]