7 Quick Gmail Tricks That Can Save Your Day

Trick #1: Scheduled e-mails With Boomerang you can delay and decide when an e-mail is being sent. I learnt this hack first from Tim Ferriss. It can send emails exactly 12:01 in January 1st, though you don’t have to stay late until 12:01 sitting over your laptop to send it.

To Stay or Not to Stay? 11 Factors to Consider to Find ‘Your’ Right Job

“You are not your job.” ― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club That said, fortunately or unfortunately we are in jobs – both as source of financial remuneration and to satisfy our ‘contributionary’ value for the society. However most of us not so happy with their jobs.

Why I Love Instead Of (And You Should, Too!)

‘A good traveller has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.’                                            ~Lao Tzu Instead of Making a to-do list, try an Anti-to do list/ IDoneThis list! Instead of Aiming for a goal, […]

What a Stanford Professor Does After Peeing: My Experiment with Tiny Habits

B.J.Fogg is a Professor at Stanford University, USA and an experimental psychologist by education. He studies about behavior changes. More importantly, he does 2 push-ups after he pees. ‘And I promptly wash my hands after that,’ he says. What is Tiny Habits? ‘Doing 2 push-ups after he pees’ – is part of Dr.Fogg’s self-experiment on building ‘Tiny […]

What is Your True Purpose in Life?

My Note: This is a guest post from Kim Baker of Spiral Spun. Lover of simple living, Kim lives in UK with her two children. Writing for her, she says, is a way to explore, to discover and to be inspired – and also to let go of pain from the past and focus on the present. […]