Try Positive Action, Not Positive Thinking by Dr.Richard Wiseman: Visual Notes

Dr.Richard Wiseman has been busting self-help myths. However, the world is not without hope. He offers refreshingly research-based alternative that he calls ‘Act As If’ Principle. Here is set of 10 scientifically-proven exercises to try positive action. Download the pdf here. Here is his original article at the Guardian. See all the more interesting video.

2 Minutes To Be an Idea Machine: 8 Tricks Can Show You How

Enough has been said. Ideas are currency of 21st century. More than any other skill, the ability to come up with alternative way of thinking, a different perspective, a unique solution is more valuable than any other skill in the world of knowledge workers – people like you and me. Good news is you don’t […]

3 Reasons Why I Write… And Some More

I have been writing seriously these days. More so I have been writing on writing. But there is a quite an amount of practical value in writing. Of course it is an introverted, almost unnatural and nerdy exercise – it is even slow. ‘Writing is living life twice!’ Writing-Thinking-Discovery process – a fantastic analogy for […]

The Obstacle is the Way

In the winters of 1944, at height of World War II, Hitler ordered a massive attack on the Russian capital, Moscow. Instead of fighting the Nazis head on the Russians simply let the winter defeat the army. The Russians ordered massive evacuation of the Moscow. The winter took its toll and whatever army that arrived […]

Let’s Flex: Yoga for the Commons

How I started practicing Yoga? I wanted relief and stress relief, a route for relaxation and a practice for keeping my optimally healthy. I did not want to build or tone muscles but keep my system running clean and neat. I basically need a regular maintenance process and servicing process just like car servicing. However […]