How Millionaire’s Schedule their Day: 1-Page Planner from Brendon Burchard

I recently learnt about this amazing 1-page Planner from Brendon Burchard. An internet celebrity, youtube coach, Brendon, as part of his mission for facilitating ‘High Performance’ also talks about productivity. You can download the 1-page template here. I tried it out. Here are the results. The Daily List (Priorities) ensures focus Categorizing work under ‘3 […]

Alternative to the Overrated Eisenhower Matrix

Recently there is quite a number of writing on Stephen Covey’s 4 Quandrant system, inspired by Eisenhower Matrix. Mark Forster despises the prioritization tasks based on importance. His argument is you cannot analytically focus upon a task. Because you need the buy-in from your emotional brain/ intuitive mind as well. There is yet another lesser […]

Mr.Sinatra! You’re Wrong.

I believed in it. It was my way of defining my revenge. All thanks to Frank Sinatra. Yes, he does mean what he says – the best form of revenge is massive success. But lately I’m believing that it is misplaced. While my inclination towards Gandhian philosophy and Ahimsa increasing, I am starting to think […]

Happily Ignorant

‘That one,’ he said. ‘The house of the former politician,’ the auto-driver told me. ‘Hmm…,’ I said uninterestingly. ‘Don’t you know!’ without stopping, ‘He is the one who caught for that case…’ he told me. ‘Oh, I didn’t know…’ I continued with my non-enthusiasm. Now annoyed, he replied, ‘Don’t you ever watch news at all, […]

11 Lessons from Publishing 100 posts by 2016

I’m not good. That good at all. I hated it. I hated every minute of it. Writing. Writing a post. Publish 100 posts by the end of 2016. No one asked me. No one challenged me to do it. It was a personal, an artificial commitment. A promise I felt worth keeping. Here are 11 lessons I […]