Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Life is a physical manifestation of our psychological being. The reality is about how we react and respond to what happens to us than what happens to us.

This ability to respond is one of the unique human qualities. It might be the only thing we are capable of. This ability to control our thoughts can determine our state of well being.

Two people will respond to same situation in completely opposite ways. Since we have the choice to choose our responses, you might as well choose the positive one.

Does it help? In many ways it will keep us be stable, be more sane and look for better things in life. It is like looking at the silver lining in the cloud.

Change your thoughtsWe live in our heads. We are what we make the life out to be rather than life itself. It is how we see it. Sometimes, this realization gives us a lot of fear. At the same time it is relieving to discover we do control lives.

When we can accept this, nothing seems to affect us. It is how we can interpret a situation than the situation itself.

It is our thoughts, not circumstances determine how you feel. It isn’t the circumstances; our interpretation of it is what determines our feeling.

We feel good things happen to us when we are in happy mood. While we feel the entire world is conspiring against us when we are in bad mood. If we can control our moods, we can control our world. This has been repeatedly told by great men in our history in different ways.

So by changing your thoughts, you can change your life.

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