Life Is Like Driving In The Chennai Traffic

I usually take the same road to and fro to my office. Around 6 km. I have to drive through the maze of busy traffic during the rush hour. I get stalled at traffic signals or unexpected jams. It can take just 15 minutes or extend to 30 minutes. It is not the distance or the destination that determined the drive, but the drive itself.

Life is like driving in the Chennai traffic.


You have to cross through amazing amount of traffic. You have to tolerate the traffic – the stupidity of other drivers. But your clarity on where you want to go – make you seem unstoppable.

The stalling traffic signal is an event just need to be accepted. A traffic jam is just another obstacle to deal with.

You know that it may delay the journey, but you also know you just have to bear with it and wait. You also know that the traffic would eventually move and you get to reach where you want to reach.

But have you noticed something interestingly odd when you drive?

You are not focused on the place I want to reach. In fact focusing on the destination could be dangerous when you drive. You simply keep your focus on your driving – the gears and clutches and of course on the road.

Now try relating this concept to your journey of life. I am able to relate this to idea of being aware of one’s journey rather than on one’s uber-arching purpose. Though it seems counter-intuitive, oddly the very fact you remove focus on the goal, the destination, you start to become effective in your action, your drive.

Osho calls it ‘conscious awareness’; Eckhart Tolle extols it as the ‘Power of Now’.

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