Curd Making and the Idea of Incarnation

Here is an interesting idea:

It has been a common practice among our households to ferment curd, from taking the curd before, which had the essence of curd before that had its essence of the one before that and so forth. If we are consider this thought, the curd today must and should have the essence of the first ever curd made.


In a sense it is life incarnated. Consider the process of curd making as life incarnation. Recently, I have come to believe that the concept of incarnation, if not scientific, is convenient at the best. It helps us appreciate the impermanence of our human existence, cultivate detachment and be motivated to do our dharma or work. While at the same time, appreciate the continuity of human life.

This I think can lead us oddly enough to greater success and inner joy. The better way of thinking is the interpretation of this thought as an evolutionary process: considering one’s life being connected to the life of every other living being, dead or alive.

The exact opposite of this thinking is that to take an Epicurean approach to living – to believe that ‘we got only one life what we got to lose.’ Subsequently it will result in thinking one’s life not as a part of a greater cosmic cycle, but an event. Life will then be used a tool to splurge and excite senses. Most of us live like that. It could end up being dangerous both for us and people around.

However, the thought of incarnation, I am also assuming can help us discipline ourselves – appreciate ‘sustainability’ in our karmas or daily actions in everyday life.

I can extend this thought a bit and interpret the concept of incarnation as the continuity of the human species as the next generation individuals – my children, my children’s children, and hence forth – the next generation literally. Broadening this thinking will only lead to encompassing the all children of the entire world- the future generation of the entire world.

It is then we come to believe that in each of us, resides everyone else, and feel the presence of us in every one of us around. Then humanity could be said to have attained its pinnacle of evolution.

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