Dreams, Doubts and Karma

This post is inspired by a note to myself I wrote some months before – to be exact 23/04/2015. Please don’t mind the rambling of my self-conversation, but cherish the message in the same. Happy reading!

What Dreams May Come!

There is this inner drive, an inner emotion that I am able to easily connect with. It seems to drive me, give me strength, give me a hold of myself. I feel that’s where my altruism stems from, my love for life blooms, my frustration of seeing an imperfect world arises. And so is the energy to do something for that stems from too.

A dream – it’s called.

I hear about that. Those wonderful dreams being accomplished by ordinary men and women.

I wish I was them.

I do realize, here I am writing for myself, that I too can create my own dream, in my own unique way. I have those ideas, I had that vigor before to face the challenges that this world could possibly imagine to throw at me. I had that strength, I thought, to see it through. But lately fear is creeping into me, I fear I’m loosing my strength. I am frightened by the magnitude of the task at hand.

‘Save the world’ – that’s no easy task.

I am taken aback by the mountains of obstacles that I have to break through. Literally with my bare hands. It feels like an one man’s battle, a battle to the end.

But I tell myself. It is exactly in these conditions, in the moments of despair and not in the absence of it, despite the presence of doubt, one needs to act, to persevere and move on.

Am I then facing a situation where I am changing the definition of the how or why to make this world a better place?’

Have you not seen how happy the poorest of the poor are? And have you not seen how denied of love the richest of the rich are?
You have seen both worlds, I tell myself. How the most ambitious have miserably failed to see the meaning in life? I did have seen that. Then where should I aim for?

The Middle Way…

Indian Philosophy has answers. You can have both, it says – a well-meaning professional life and a satisfying personal life.

Enough money so you are master of it and not too much that it drowns you. Earn while you can, dedicate yourself to the work at hand, for you get paid for it. At the same time, remember you are not your job description. You are more than that.

Cherish other dimensions of life too. Besides the professional self – have a spiritual self, a family self, a citizen of the community. Identify yourself with it, with their cause. Work for it, dedicate a share of your life, your effort for those causes. Live yourself in different shoes, different roles. It is that simple slow living that has made that Indian self contentful, discover that and explore that.

It’s called Karma Yoga

A great man, Karma Yogi, seems to have realized that. He moves on. He continues to do his duty, despite the ups and downs, in spite of his limited power and influence. He moves on.

He works hard at perfecting himself and in liberating himself. He believes that it is by perfecting himself that he will be able to manifest a greater change in world than by anything.

May be that is when, Gandhi must have declared,

‘Be the change you want to see in this world!’

It is no use blaming the others for what is happening around. It is up to us to take up that responsibility in trying to do our bit, our contribution in making this world a better and beautiful world.

I wish you on that journey of perfecting oneself, and making this a little more better, a little more beautiful.

For you are a Karma Yogi!

May God bless us all!

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