Alternative to the Overrated Eisenhower Matrix

Recently there is quite a number of writing on Stephen Covey’s 4 Quandrant system, inspired by Eisenhower Matrix.

Mark Forster despises the prioritization tasks based on importance. His argument is you cannot analytically focus upon a task. Because you need the buy-in from your emotional brain/ intuitive mind as well.

There is yet another lesser known Quadrant. Mark refers to Ken Blanchard’s (of One-Minute Manager fame) book is called The On-time, On-target Manager (One Minute Manager).

* Have to do, Want to do
* Have to do, Don’t Want to do
* Don’t Have to do, Want to do
* Don’t Have to do, Don’t Want to do

James Altucher talks about moving your ‘Haves list’ to ‘Wants list’.

Resource on Eisenhower Matxix (if you are still interested)


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