On Sex, Drugs and Alcohol: Why Enlightenment is Sexier Than Sex!

The most googled person in India is Sunny Leone. Modi ranked second only after her. For me this is rather unsurprising.

That said this post may be one of the most controversial topics that I have ever written. So bear with me!

There are increasing evidences of the current society’s sexual indulgences – raising porn traffic, raising impotency, and increasing sexual crime rates. A friend of me quoted that Zomato’s (online food/ hotel rating and delivery portal) ad on a porn site gained them more delivery orders than any other online ads.

To add to this, the increase in access and sophisticated black market, there is also increased access, availability and use of drug substances. Not just that, there is also steep increased alcoholism around the world..

In some ways, I am happy for all these things.

I am happy – for the increasing alcoholism, the rate of drug addiction and sexual indulgences (not harassments) in the recent the years across India, across the globe (Yeah! I told you it will be controversial).

Allow me to explain myself!

My theory is that this is related to conscious unconsciousness. It is basically the human beings search of an enlightened stage of happiness that no earthly activities can satisfy.

The feeling of ecstasy that such indulgence creates makes one feel like close to God. I think that it is the strive towards conscious unconsciousness – as a search for spiritual achievement.

The Tao/ Zen monks/ Buddhas and Siddhas call the stage as empty mind, the no mind where the merging of our human mind and universal mind happens, the oneness, the Samadhi, the Nirvana. It is where the two minds combine, where thoughts stop and you are in this emptiness.

‘Enlightenment is more sexier than sex.’ If only we understand it. To lure common man into the process of enlightenment, yogis have always been using this trick of indulging his discipline saying remember the pleasure and ecstasy, oneness happens. What if you can be continuously be in that stage of meditation through the spiritual practices. That is the promise that is given.

God realization is similar to the ecstasy you derive from sex, drug and alcoholism.

Fortunately or unfortunately, all the 3 processes are highly expensive. It will cost you physically, mentally and spiritually. Drained, depleted is a common feeling after the lust and pleasure goes away.

In fact we may not engage in sex, if we had a choice. (I think this urge or feeling of ecstasy is created by life to be self-serving and ensure the continuity of life as it is.)

This said I am assuming that this is a symptom of human evolution – an effect of dissatisfaction from hedonistic ventures and impatience with attaining long-lasting happiness or flourishing (as quoted by Martin Seligman).

We, are more advanced human generation, can no more be satisfied by hedonistic pleasures. We want more. And I find this is a positive trend.

The growth in spiritual gurus, sharp increase in number of books talking about practical application of ancient wisdom, etc all this points to me in a very optimistic future.

We are spiritually starved. And we are feeling it. Verily.

Let us now take this as an opportunity to accept this and redirect ourselves in pursuit of greater spiritual quest. Unfortunately our discontented soul has no other solution. Fortunately, there is a way.

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