Fate of a Task on To-do list

In one of his articles, Kevin Kruse, the NYTimes Bestselling author, writes ‘To-do list is the place where your tasks go to die.’

I’ve been continuously using a to-do list or generically a task list for my work and personal life. I found it useful and always keep coming back despite my many-a-different desperate attempts to upgrade.

To-do list works. For me.

The feeling that I have too much to do immediately goes away – when I think that it is on my list – that I’ll eventually get at it and sort it out. [Little secret: I usually use Mark Forster’s AutoFocus System or Final Version system for this purpose]

I think there are only 4 possible fate a task is destined to:

  • Finished/ completed: This is what most of us prefer. Me too.
  • Acted upon a bit (using the Little and Often Principle) and re-entered later: This is great idea that I stole from Mark Forster. It helps me to break my procrastination and gain momentum on my big ugly task.
  • Deleted/ dismissed: This happens when I no feel the task is relevant/ worth doing.
  • Post-poned or procrastinated: This is what everyone fears of happening. I use point 2 to navigate it through. It works – most of the time.

So there. Your task need not die in your to-do list.


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