Forgive Yourself of Your Past

Gandhi-To-HitlerLearn to forgive yourself and forget your mistakes. It is not almost every other day you get time to think, think about yourself, your life. Especially about those thoughts you think you cannot escape from at all.

Our pasts remind us not so better us. We never realised we were capable of such untold wrong doings. Yet life goes on.

I like to remember that those past happened for a reason. It was made the present you – you are what you are because of that past. So bless it.

It has given you a reason to slow down, pardon yourself and value the good things in life.

It is without Hitler did we appreciate the greatness of Gandhi. It is without the bad weather shall we appreciate the clean blue sky.

In those moments of past grief, I suggest you to remind yourselves three things.

  • First the bad things happened to cancel out the karma in your life. So it had indeed made you better person.
  • Second consider those bad moments as teachers in life. It has taught you an important lesson (it always does) – thank yourself for that.
  • Third, it has given a chance to forgive yourself. It is a chance to forgive and forget those regrets and let it go.

So that is why s#!^ happens! For good!

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