Four Alternatives to a ‘To-do list’

  1. No list. This could be a blunt alternative but be mindful that most of the people in this world get by using no list at all. You decide in the moment what needs to be done and get down to doing it.
  2. I did list: Also known as I done list or Anti to-do list (a term coined by Marc Andreesen). Now popularized by the ‘iDoneThis’ web application. The idea is ‘recording’ what one did rather than listing items what needs to be done – which is usually the premise of a ‘to-do list’.
  3. Doing by Entry. It is similar to having a no-list, but the key difference is noting down what one is going to do and then doing it. This simply gives a sense of direction to what one is intending to to and focus on the said item on the list, avoiding diversions.
  4. ‘No-list’ list. An invention by Mark Forster. This is a more complicated method than ‘doing by entry’. Though a contradiction in term – the general idea is to have a shorter list.

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