The Full Meals Prioritization System

You have been told repeatedly…

I have been using Workflowy for capturing and engaging with my to-do lists (more about it later). I tagged my tasks as high, medium, low. As proclaimed by many productivity gurus the first thing I did in the morning is to filter my tasks based on priority. Of course, as suggested, I filter the ‘high’ tasks and do them.

But on that particular day, I did the opposite – I filtered for ‘low’ tasks. The next hour or so I got almost all the low priority tasks done. The next step was to conquer my ‘high’ or ‘medium’ tasks. At the moment, I felt a great sense of relief, a comfort, a lack of annoyance or a nagging feeling. I felt ready to handle my ‘high’ tasks.

It is when I realised that there is an alternate approach to prioritizing and engaging with tasks.

  • Few suggest to eat the frog second, after handling low tasks
  • Get the mosquito tasks away and then do the big tasks, as Mark Forster suggests.

So as the heading of the title suggests, I would break my tasks into 3 different parts like in a meal:

  1. Starters/ Appetizers: Those mosquito, low-key tasks that would not consume neither your energy nor time. It builds momentum and ‘appetizes’ for the main course.
  2. Main Course: I don’t have to explain this. These are your high impact, deep work that you would like to engage for a longer period of time.
  3. Dessert: Now, a healthy dose of relaxing, chitchatting actually would help your productivity. So you can chose to close your day with what you want to do, that you may not actually have to do. Remember, this comes only after your main course, or it will spoil your appetite

There you have it, ‘Full Meals Prioritization’ system. Try prioritizing your tasks using this method – hope it works for you too.

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