Mark Forster’s Final Version (FV) System – Visual Notes

Mark Forster FV System - Visual Notes-2-page-001Most of the productivity systems, though intended honestly, fails in execution. The system should ideally play to strength of the user and complement his/ her weakness.

For me, planning was my strength, while engaging and execution was the problem. It doesn’t mean I don’t do things. But I find my resistance growing while I move from my ‘planning’ phase to ‘execution’ phase. My goal clarity and connection to the purpose is something I sorted out. Even deriving the action items towards my goals were an easy thing. But now acting on the to-do list is where I had my greatest inhibition. I was enthralled by various ways to organize my list, prioritize the tasks, calendar/ scheduling it. But it simply didn’t give motivation.

I found Mark Forster’s Final Version – Task Management System to be a resilient of such vagaries and helps me win over my particular issue with execution.

It is intuitive. I found that the FV system using the ‘Colley’s rule’ and ‘Structured Procrastination’ technique gives me the choice in doing what I would want to do in a structured and systematic way. There is form of control that I am having over what I am doing. In fact, I am not just doing anything or crossing items off my list, but I am choosing to do things that I feel like or wanting to do using a structured systematic process.

As Mark says it,

“Traditional time management systems have tended to concentrate on the first two of these. The neglect of psychological readiness is probably the reason that most people don’t find time management systems particularly effective or congenial.

The most distinctive feature of FV is the way that its algorithm is primarily based on psychological readiness this then opens the way to keeping urgency and importance in the best achievable balance.”

This feeling also gives me great control that I would eventually get other things also done. This is something to be noted.

Here is the pdf of the visual notes of Mark Forster FV System.

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