Gandhi: The Richest Man in the World?

GandhiYesterday, returning home, I was all wet and drowned. My soul was grasping for some fresh air to fill its lungs – for it was drowning. Already tired I couldn’t decide upon what to do next. I simply slumped back on my bed. I could only think and think harder on the very subject of life. The very thought that was drowning my soul!

Will I ever be able to live a much better, joyful life?

Will I ever be able to get those I always wanted for?

For the moment, I even thought, ‘Have I been asking the wrong questions to get the right answer?’

Then it happened – I had to come across this thickly bounded book called ‘The Mind of the Mahatma’. You could guess what the book is about. I scrambled through pages and hit upon the most diametrically opposite theme on which I had been so long pondering upon – the subject was Non-possession.

Here I was thinking of how to get those things that I wanted… while trying to read the words of Mahatma Gandhi on his theory of ‘non-possession’. I should have been kidding myself.

Though I embrace poverty, nevertheless I should say that I am the richest man on this earth!”

That struck me – struck me really hard! This wisdom, that I was lacking, seems to be the very answer I was searching for.

What if I could embrace non-possession? Or more so poverty itself?

What if I could want nothing?

What if I could be freed of expectations and subsequent drudgery to claim it over?

What if I could be escape of the attachments?

What if I could also be richest man in the world?

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