Giving: 5 Ways to Become to Happiest Person in the World

I’m on this pursuit being the happiest person in the world. As H.Jackson Brown Jr. suggests it is not in getting more, but in the giving. Here are list of things I’m wondering whether I could give, or giving or will continue giving all in the name of ‘pursuit of happiness’.

  1. Love: It is one of the easiest thing to give, while at the same time the hardest. To give love, care and attention to family is my first ‘give’ – to love with all my heart – to give love with all care and attention – to give love unconditionally.
  2. Committment: Almost everyone cribs about their job, the work – but think again. We live in one of the most prosperous periods in human history. Whether I can fully comprehend the entire scheme of things or not. But I hope to take this pledge to give my fullest ‘committment’ at my work. To give 100% at my job – not more than that ; to give my sincere dedication and appreciation to the duty at hand.
  3. Warmth: We are not alone – we live in a community; one cannot be happy in an ivory tower. So my next plan is to give my warmth and smile to my friends, colleagues, peers, to even strangers.
  4. Charity: To give tithe/ donate/ daan has been preached by every religious texts and philosophical discourse. Thanks to a couple of opportunities, I got a chance to donate (in money and kind) to people in need – it could be a poor family in the neighbourhood, or to sponsor a child’s education, bear a health expense or anything.
  5. Gyandaan: With loads of information available on the internet, the space for ‘gyan’ – that could be translated to knowledge and wisdom is getting lost. So I’m planning to give gyan – gyandaan through my blogging, through my reading, writing and sharing.

So, what are you planning to give this year!?

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