Counting My Blessings: 10 things I am Grateful for in the Year 2015

It’s the last day of the year.

And I am getting my 50th post out! Hurray!

That makes me ponder upon things. Things that I have been blessed with. Things I might have taken for granted but should be appreciative of. And so here is list of things I am grateful for.

  1. Marriage: We had our fall-outs, fights, mishaps and misunderstandings. But we recouped. I am grateful for the budding partnership maturing with my wife.
  2. Blessing of a child: It is said, ‘The son is the father of the man.” I felt its essence when I realized that the arrival of my daughter. It gave birth to a new avatar of mine – a ‘father’. The responsibility sometimes does scare me but when I think of my little girl’s smile, everything evaporates. I am grateful for such a blessing.
  3. Work stability: I had a history of fighting with my company or colleagues. Not that I am a bad a**, but I’m simply too loyal and sincere. Not everybody likes such a douche bag. It is the 3rd year in my current job. That’s the first time. I am grateful that my current work has worked both for me and for the company.
  4. Started my blog: I have been writing on and off for quite sometimes. But writing consistently for public is something I was pondering. The idea of a blog was simmering and simmering. And then one day – was born. I figured out the technicalities, financials and got it done. Now I am on weblog listing of Jeff Goins (I’m #2219) and ranked top 5 most viewed writer on Quora.
  5. Better habits: I tried and tried enough. Setting a routine has been a difficult task for me. I learnt quite a bit of tricks on hacking habits. I started small and simple. I am grateful for that. I am now proud to have routines (at least some) – I do a to-do list everyday, I write everyday, I capture 10 ideas everyday, I meditate/ pray everyday, I write a done list at the end of the day everyday and do a lot of other things as well everyday. No, I haven’t got all figured out. I just accepted and prepared myself for failure and learnt how to pull myself up again. I am grateful for that.
  6. Learned Optimism: I must have read that book some 2 years before. And have been reading on the power of positive thinking and law of Attraction quite sometimes. It took me till 2015. Now I get it. I am able to see the effects. I am glad and grateful.
  7. Strengthening Family Bonds: I don’t know how it happened and is happening – but us, as family, got more closer, more lovable and loved. Everybody got now tuned down, let our egos go. We just wanted to happy for a greater good. I am grateful for that.
  8. Forgive and Accept: It was hard in the beginning – to think about my past failures and mis-doings – had too many regrets. I learnt to forgive – others – let go of grudges and more importantly myself. I have to accept who I am and the uniqueness I bring in this world. I am who I am. That has now made me to be comfortable with myself.
  9. Letting Go: I have quite a bit of ego. I can’t handle a bit of disrespect. It was difficult but now I let go of such pettiness and the competition to be the best. It is so ingrained in my head since schooling that it took me some while. But this year in 2015, I consciously did and never felt better.
  10. Embracing Journeys: It has been a roller-coaster ride literally. I have been going in and out of this journey. Sometimes I totally embraced it while some other time I was totally lost. May be I missed the point – or I failed to appreciate the journey itself. I don’t know. I am figuring out. That has been one of the greatest blessings this year. I have embraced the unknown and got comfortable at saying ‘I don’t know’.
  11. 1000 Gratitudes Blog: Okay this is a bonus. I am and seriously am grateful to be grateful. I learned this trick from Martin Seligman, endorsed by James Altucher, Chris Winfield. And I have practiced and convinced myself to the point that I have started my own blog.

And so to end the story – the King and Queen with their little princess lived happily ever after!

What are you grateful for? Leave it as comments.

2 thoughts on “Counting My Blessings: 10 things I am Grateful for in the Year 2015

  1. Amina says:

    It is REALLY GOOD to reflect on ourselves. As we write our Retreat Report. All the points were very informatinve and useful tips to follow. HAPPY WRITING Sathya
    – Amiable Amina.

    • says:

      Very true Amina.
      Reflecting upon the past, the year is a great mental and spiritual technique. Retreat report was a great instrument to exercise the technique.
      Thank you for your kind words.
      Happy reading!
      ~ Sathya

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