I Hate Habits. But 10 Routines Got Stuck

The productivity world is full of people asking us to develop habits (tiny, mini, etc).

I’m not a habit person. I tried. It’s hard.

I hate sticking to habits. A particular set of behavior. I feel confined. I don’t want to be predictable. Even to myself.


Rarely you can stick to habits, which you don’t like. Don’t take the advise of new-age self-help bloggers in getting your habits right. Don’t fight yourself. You can’t win.

Find out what you like to do. Develop a routine around it. You’re more likely to stick to it.

Routine tracker (1) Routine tracker (2)

(my cute routine tracker on pg.no. 10 in my notebook)

Over the years, I developed certain routines that simply got stuck to me. Without even trying.

  1. Immediately after I wake up, I drink water. It has become a key habit to wake myself up. It starts the bowel movement. It helps.
  2. I do freewriting almost every morning. It’s sort of brain dump. Julia Cameron calls it ‘Morning Pages’. Tim Ferriss, Oliver Burkeman recommends it. James Greig, a fellow blogger calls such it as getting one’sgunk out’.
  3. Breaks, I learnt, are necessary to achieve flow. I go out to take a cup of tea/ coffee or for anything. It rejuvenates. Not the tea or coffee, but the break. Unfocus is the key to focusing.
  4. I begin and finish the work day with freewriting. Like a work journaling. Not necessarily. More like a personal reflection. [as on 17 August 2016, the word document called ‘Dear Sathya-2’ is 50+ pages long with ~25,000 words].
  5. I make a 10 ideas list every other work day. My brain feels real good as I do this. Thanks to James Altucher for this idea. [as on 17 August 2016, the word document called ‘10 ideas’ has 300+ ideas.]
  6. I take care (try to) of my physical health. I do a quick routine of Kaya Kalpa exercise. It keeps me healthy, calm and contained. [But I do it more regularly]
  7. I take time to say ‘I love you’ (or something on that line). Regularly. To my wife, amma, appa. I’m not the social types. Reserved & private, very. May be I’ve trust issues. They are the only few people I let in my private space.
  8. I thank god. The more blessed I feel, the more blessed I become. I write ‘gratitude journal’. Not regularly. But apparently, research says it is okay. Even started a blog – 1000gratitutes.com. Yes, counting my blessings.
  9. I read. A lot of blogs usually James Altucher, James Clear, Oliver Burkeman, are my favourites. Altucher suggests reading before writing. For this very reason, I’m reading more.
  10. I lied. I couldn’t think of a 10th one. If you have a recommendation, let me know.

Useful or not. Good or bad. These are my personal habits. My nature, nurture and ecosystem – they did it. They’re co-conspirators. Not me. 

I advise you the same. Find what feel right to you. Do it. And develop routines that fit you.

If you liked what you read, share in the comment what is one habit that stuck with you so naturally. What does it say about you.

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