Happily Ignorant

‘That one,’ he said. ‘The house of the former politician,’ the auto-driver told me.

‘Hmm…,’ I said uninterestingly.

‘Don’t you know!’ without stopping, ‘He is the one who caught for that case…’ he told me.

‘Oh, I didn’t know…’ I continued with my non-enthusiasm.

Now annoyed, he replied, ‘Don’t you ever watch news at all, sir!’

I said ‘No’.

Not sure whether he heard me.

It was a silent drive from there after.

Oh! I then I realised. I really don’t watch news or TV or trolls. I really am ignorant of the ‘important’ things. I am guessing you understood what I meant by ‘important’ here.

I felt proud. I rejoiced. I am chosing not to live the populist life. The joy is in the little things. With so much noise in the world around, it becomes an inevitable venture to protect our sanity, our self and our happiness. In the name of being participative, we only add more stupidity and arrogance. I have a chrome app that shuts my Facebook after 10 mins. I don’t use WhatsApp. I don’t have a cable connection at home. I am reducing. Reducing my distractions.

I recommend ignorance. I recommend deep silence, than shallow noise (inspired by Cal Newport’s Deep Work).

Let us take the moment to focus our lives on what is important to us.

Let us make this life a memorable one – not for the books of history, but for the memories of our loved ones.

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