What James Altucher Did To Me? 10 Reasons Why I Like Him

JA-Blog postI have been following him for quite sometimes. His wittiness and down-to-earth style of writing – I liked it.

I made a visual note of his advice (if ‘autobiography is the best advice’). Started imitating his writing style. I re-searched ‘What is it about James Altucher’s writing that makes it so divisive?‘. I didn’t find an answer.

So I decided to write one for myself.

And this happened today. And so, I decided to publish it.

10 Reasons Why I liked in James Altucher

  1. James is quirky and bottom-up writer. He gets the ground reality and throws straight at your face.
  2. James has this been-there-and-done-it-all. And he has been there and done it all. Though he does have a different views from others who have been or are there
  3. And brings me to the next point. He does have different point of view and has a different way saying things. ‘The Ten Commandments Of Con Men’ or ‘Idea sex’ – who comes up with such things these days. I guess only James can come up with such interesting but useful connections that is seldom made, but though obvious.
  4. He hates Warren Buffett. Yeah, I said it. And he does hate the concept of ‘Corporatism’. I think he makes a point in differentiating Capitalism and Corporatism, which lot of us don’t get it. I am still trying to figure it out. I want to do what I want to do, but still need the financial security. And it does feel that my company or any other company I worked so far – does seem to give me a freedom to do what I want to do, but at the same time, I feel like they are blood-sucking ticks.
  5. Though not intended (I’m not sure), but I guess his’ is one of the most unusual form on self-help advice. Read this, if you don’t believe me. My Favorite Self-Help Author Isn’t a Self-Help Author at All.
  6. Unlike the most bloggers or writers on the internet, he is not a success and he is quite willingly ready to admit it. That makes him more human than any of the others on the net. He hasn’t figured out it all yet, and proposing a solution that worked for him. He is on his journey to figure whatever he can and admittedly learn from what he hasn’t. He’s a work in progress. So am I. And so is everybody else. I like that. It gives me some confidence on myself – to experiment, to fail and still be okay.
  7. This is a little personal. James was the one who got me started writing. (Yeah, besides Mark Levy who introduced me to the idea of Freewriting). I got started with my blog – SathyaWrites. I am even planning to write a book and self-publish it on Amazon (hopefully).
  8. Okay. I couldn’t come up with 10, but 8 is all I have patience to come up. And point #8 is exactly this. His brilliant, yet deceptively, simple concept of ‘10 ideas a day’. No, I don’t write 10 ideas a day, but getting myself started to come up with 10 ideas whenever I wanted to – good or bad was inspired by James.

And for all this and more. I thank James Altucher. Keep it coming, brother.

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