9 Things: A Mere Mortal’s Attempt to Let Go

Let go

It seems wise to let go off things than to hold on. Interestingly, I find it’s not that hard.

May be I was prepared of this.

But I am not perfect. I have not attained the elusive detachment. I am still human, mortal. It is hard at times. I couldn’t help it. I even feel that I deserve it. I wonder how I could balance these thoughts and maintain my sanity.

However I am at the least a little more happier or if I dare say wiser in considering things I could let go off:

  1. I could let go off my ambitions – ambition to succeed, to contribute, to make an impact.
  2. I could let go off my wanting to feel liked, be popular — to seek attention, to be well-known, or to seek fame and pride
  3. I could let go off love, caring, and support from family or others. It is after-all not permanent. However, I will not turn my back on my family even if they do.
  4. I could let go off the fear of failure and of success, as well. I need to accept that it is just part of human misery – both victory and defeat. As Rudyard Kipling says, ‘… treat those impostors just the same.‘ Consider this world as a drama/ may – a play and I’m just to entertain the physical sphere and to move beyond to spiritual sphere.
  5. I could let go off my desire – wanting to earn more money, to cherish luxury and comfort. I would be wanting less, minimal – in fact I could make a fashion out of it to want less and live minimally.
  6. I could let go off my caring for physical pleasure – food and sex – eat less but quality food; avoid adulteration.
  7. Let go off information/ knowledge porn. Everything I need to know is within – in me – the wisdom, the gyaan. Not seek outside for motivation, but strive for inspiration within.
  8. Let go of branding and judging the world around – the world is like this or that. I have no issues or problems. It is going to be like this for ages. I’ll have to come to accept it for what it is.
  9. I’ll let go off striving for a perfect future – and come to accept the perfection of the present that is already here. Instead of saying ‘I want’, I am to say, “I am…’.

So there it is.

It is an ‘I could’ list not an ‘I have’ list. I am after-all a mere mortal.

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