Finding My Purpose — by Letting Go!

Why should I let go? It is an irony!

  • If I let go of being famous I become famous,
  • By letting go of being rich, I become rich
  • If I let go of being happy, I become happy and
  • By letting go of being productive, I become more productive.

Let Go-Lao Tzu (1)

Profound. Wisdom

How can I then use this? The Wisdom? Am I arriving at the process of living a no-goal or goal-less life, one achieves more? Can I live like that?

Should I let go of expectation of being ambitious? Should I let go of expectation that the world is to work this way and if doesn’t work in the way or the way I wanted to, I should let go of my way of thinking?

More importantly could I let go of expectation upon myself? And I am finding me saying to myself – “I should simply be myself – of myself, by myself.”

The answer I came up with is: ‘I am just another soul in this universe in the way I am living. The only way I can be is to be less a burden on this world. And a better thing I can do is to make myself a little better by being happy and at peace with myself and with the world.’

In a moment of epiphany I blurted out 3 words to be my purpose in life – to be happy, peaceful and impactful.

What if the only philosophy that may be required is ‘to be at peace’ – to be at peace with myself (my limitations, my shortcomings, my goodness, my evilness, and others). And to be at peace with the world (the thing I cannot control at all and having the magnanimity to accept things as it is). What if it is simply is to want what I already have!

This ironically seems to be making me feel happy and in the process, I hope that I can become an impactful person.

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