Live on less and Love it!

Industry, perseverance and frugality make fortune yield”
– Benjamin Franklin


But how? Here are some quick tips.

A. Your Possessions


  • Take inventory of everything you own or have – at home, at work
  • With this inventory lists, identify items you do not want; give those things away who may want it
  • Do not use more than you need
  • Organise those items that you think you want – group it, classify it and find place for it accordingly
    • Books: Don’t buy/ own books, use a public library instead
    • Clothes: Clean your closets, learn to dress minimally
    • Travel: use public transport as often as possible
  • Use electricity consciously; Use water conservatively

B. Your Time


  • Do a time inventory for 2 weeks and then ask these questions
    • What was the time for productive and rewarding work?
    • What was the time that you particularly enjoyed, or renewed your energy, spirit and motivation?
    • Where was the time for your personal goals and dreams?
    • Where was the time for you to plan your work and organise your home/ life?
  • Establish a regular, weekly shopping and errand day
  • Break down projects into tasks; schedule those tasks and work on them consistently

C. Your Money 

Simple. Spend less than you earn.


“Income 20 pounds, expense 19, results in happiness; Income 20 pounds, expense 21, results in misery.” – Charles Dickens, in ‘David Copperfield’.

  • Get rid of ‘luxuries’ you don’t need
  • Make and keep a budget
    • List major monthly fixed expenses you have – rent, phone bills, insurance, travel
    • List average monthly costs for other regular expenses – food, electricity, personal care
    • List one-time/ rare lump costs – medical care, etc
  • Save for your particular expenses – Marriage, House, Education, etc.

D. Yourself

man walking on the horizon

man walking on the horizon

  • Exercise regularly
  • Have a strict sleeping pattern
  • Have a regular eating habit
  • Take a health vacation


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  1. Janakiraman says:

    Nice thinking. Very practical to follow… thanks Sathya.

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