Mukti: Sole Purpose of Human Existence

It is the sole purpose of human existence to achieve Mukti. The idea that man had to evolve to next greater being has been part of the Indian psyche for many centuries.

Sadhguru talks about the evolved personality – called Shiva – who taught the secret to attaining Mukti to the 7 disciples whom were later named as Saptarishis (meaning seven sages). Agastya was one among them who roamed the Southern India.

Spirituality and its exercises should become part of living – our life. Consider the idea of using the body and maintaining it and/or replenishing for using it as the tool to help the human being achieve Mukti.

The profound answers to the numerous questions that the modern man has – had been answered in the ancient wisdom literature. I should embody it within my sole and let it not loose sight.

It is a commitment for me in the next year to explore how the age-old wisdom can make practical relevance for their everyday living.

In case, if you haven’t noted it, this is my 100th post on this blog.

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