My 3 Wishes for India

3 Wishes for IndiaI read somewhere that…

  • We can survive 3 minutes without air
  • We can survive 3 days without water
  • We can survive 3 weeks without food

3 seems to be magic number. With that in mind, I decided to come up with 3 visions/ 3 wishes for my India on this day of 146th birth anniversary of Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi.

3 of my wishes for India

  • Clean & green India
  • Nurturing children in loving environment
  • Productive/ conscious individuals

They are simple and straightforward. Let me explain!

  • I wish to see a Clean & Green India. While quite an amount noise is made in Swacch Bharat campaigns, I think that the concept of cleanliness or waste is something alien to the Indian Psyche. There are no wastes in our living system. Only by-products that can and is get reused in another system. Dr.XX who wrote the book, ‘From Cradle to Cradle’, talks about this concept in detail.
  • I wish to see ‘Nurturing India’ that grooms the next generation in loving and caring environment. Education and Training should take precedence both in our personal and political agenda list. However I don’t have a solution, I am glad to see very bold moves in the sector. While there is increased chattering and noise over the common agenda on the Primary Education – from primary level to higher education. Movements like Gandhi Fellowship, Teach for India Fellowship, Azim Premji Fellowship & University, – a new breed of professionals are entering the sector with so much of energy, inspiration and passion for change.
  • I wish to see ‘Productive India’. We have pushed into the global arena the demand for efficiency and quality has increased manifolds. We have proved ourselves in a lot of ways and this has further multiplied expectations upon us. We have to sharpen our processes both systemic and personal process. While there is inherent demand to sharpen the systemic processes, there is little or no call for the help to improve personal productivity. The Western thought has advanced a lot in this field with variety of doing tools developed during the past two decades of knowledge workers. I have been personally fond of this field and share a lot of consolidated resources to ensure that we all strive towards

What are YOUR 3 wishes for India? Comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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